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Alfie Knight and the Geek Legends

“Dude…you turned into a knight…in full armour…with a shield…and a sword!”

“Ha, ha very funny. No. What really happened?”

When twelve-year-old friends Alfie (the daydreamer) and Tom (the brains) get separated from their class on a trip to the museum, it starts a life-changing chain of events, as a magical artefact downloads the powers and skills of legendary, historical characters onto Alfie.

The boys hope that Alfie’s cool new powers will raise their status at school from zero to hero, but things soon go horribly wrong—not to mention the small matter of Alfie’s turning into a knight in shining armour every time he says his own name.

With a mysterious stranger spying on his every move, a teacher desperate to get hold of the artefact he ‘stole’ from the museum, class bullies out for revenge, and the girl he likes kidnapped by a notorious criminal gang, Alfie needs to make up his mind quick. He can either give up, as usual…or figure out how to use his powers in time to save the day.

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