First Snow Series

How It All Began

This entire series stemmed from a single quote by J.B. Priestley, that I spotted in a magazine...however, I'm still awaiting updated permission to use it, so you'll have to try and figure it out for yourself!

But here's a clue: It includes the words 'first snow.' I'm a huge fan of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and always wanted to write a two-world fantasy story, so this quote sparked an idea, then another, then another, until I had characters and countries, and worlds.

Summer 2019, I'm working on a final edit before sending 'Search' off to beta this space for updates!

I've written the skeleton of 'Hunt' to ensure continuity of plot. The meat will be added to the bones as soon as book 2 is in the hands of my beta readers!

Quest (First Snow book 1)

Jemma Alder doesn’t do the outdoors. Her books might get wet. At seventeen, she’s endured more than her fair share of tragedy, and her future is uncertain, but she has her friends, her good grades, her part time job, and her devastatingly romantic daydreams set to sweeping cinematic music - even her loathsome step-father, Lord Robert Clayworth, has treated her tolerably since ‘The Change’ last Christmas.

Then, Jemma’s familiar life deviates. Her best friend falls ill with a mysterious virus; social Queen Bee, Veronika Mason, reels Jemma into her clique; and her crush, Aaron Norling, takes an unexpected interest in her social life.

But even Jemma’s wild imagination couldn’t have foreseen how these events would catapult her into another world, nor dulled the shock of finding Aaron part of the Otherworld family who take her in. Before she can make sense of what’s happened, Jemma’s worst nightmares come true and she’s coerced into joining a team of five other teens on an expedition into the wilderness. But troubles are simmering in this land. The family are keeping secrets and the tribal system is not what it seems.

Soon, a challenging quest becomes a deadly game for survival, as it seems someone does not want the team to return, let alone succeed.