First Snow Series


Yorkshire, England

'Quest' starts in the real world location of Yorkshire, England.

This location appealed to me for its romantic Austenesque appeal, and historical family links.

These pictures, of the Malham Cove area, were taken during a rare summer drought, hence the dry grass.

I used the limestone slabs of Malham cove as inspiration for a scene in 'Search' (Book 2)...

...and the real location will appear in 'Hunt' (book 3), which you may also recognise from 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.


In 'Quest' the country of Alligand is based on the Swiss Alps, where I live.

Cape York Peninsula, Australia


Jardine River, Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

Alligand: Crossing the River Gris

The idea for having the Questers cross the river on a ferry/raft came from time camping at this crossing on the Jardine River with @raleighinternational.

My group camped by the river for several days. On the far bank was a t-shirt stall, where I bought this vest. As I didn't have money with me, the seller told me to leave the money at the Bamaga village post office when I returned three weeks later...which I did.

Love that kind of trust!


In 'Search' (Book 2) our heroes travel to the country of 'Novitalia', which I've given a Mediterranean feel, based on my travels to the south of France.